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Manchester by the Sea
Year : 2016
Country : United-States

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DokBrowne  [ 9.5 ]    [ add to preferred ]    [ email this review to a friend ]

Another - the best yet - of Kenneth Lonergan's scattered, unvarnished mosaics of human life in its perpetual rhythm of agony and grace, failure and redemption, change and adaptation, obstinance and compromise, regret and appreciation, ignorance and enlightenment, loss and hope. If you were to outline the story structure of this movie, it wouldn't look like much on paper, so it's Lonergan's masterful manner of storytelling, emotional ebb and flow, and brilliant specificity that make all the difference, accompanied by the finest collaborators in all levels of production, most notably (as the face of this work) a performance by Casey Affleck that elevates his flinty, shrugging, internalized acting style to its full potential. All actors should be so fortunate as to find a part this perfectly suited to them.

As an acclaimed, possibly Best Picture-destined psychological drama about the hardship a family faces in communicating after a loved one's death, this strikes me as the "Ordinary People" of our time, though, as effective as Redford's tearjerker case study was in the '80s, "Manchester" with its microscopic notions of progress and laser-sharp insights into how the mind works, seems like a superior examination of emotional trauma and more likely to remain potent in the long run. Not that it matters, just sayin'. This is an unassuming yet profoundly moving experience.

Weighted Rating : 7.2
No. Ratings : 1
No. Reviews : 1

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