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Year : 1989
Country : Italy

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Doesn't Deserve Neglect.

Although given short shrift by the few critics who watched it, this is a worthy effort, marked by good acting, direction, technicals, and an intelligent script. Although in a state of undress through much of the film, Kelly Lynch is given an opportunity to display the full panoply of her acting range as there are essentially only two actors. And, as so often with independent films, all involved have an opportunity to be truly creative. The desert setting enhanced the starkness of the extreme emotions to which the viewer is exposed.

Weighted Rating : 6.8
No. Ratings : 1
No. Reviews : 1

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Ranked by Rating
1989 97
1980's 807
All-time 6819

Ranked by No. Ratings
1989 151
1980's 1236
All-time 7816

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