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The $10,000 Movie Question - Any Takers?

by : kcremer [ email this article to a friend ]
Okay - I can't give you $10,000 if you answer this question. However, if you do, I will thank you and publicly admit that you are smarter than me.

The movie in question is "Blood Simple", the great debut film from the Coen brothers. Those of you who have seen the film obviously do not need me to fill you in on the plot. And if you haven't seen it - well - you couldn't help me anyway. I'll just get to my question:

Whatever happened to Marty (Dan Hedaya)? Last we see of him, he is being buried alive (though almost dead), but the next day, Meurice listens to a message on his answering machine from Marty, complaining that someone stole money from the safe in the bar. We don't see or hear from him after that. Why not? Why didn't he take revenge on anybody? Did he call Meurice BEFORE he was shot and buried? That wouldn't make sense. Am I missing something? Perhaps I'm thinking too much.

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