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A forum where people and their opinions on film are linked together in a way most useful to each individual user. This manifests itself as writing film reviews and film recommendations ...


w r i t i n g   f i l m   r e v i e w s


Whether you're interested in simply writing a two word commentary about one single film .. or you want to start an entire archive of full length reviews spanning your entire viewing history on films .. or somewhere in between the two, this site gives you the tools you need to do it :

  • Your own presonal url, linking directly to your reviews
  • An easy to use interface to quickly and easily add/edit ratings and reviews
  • Add/edit free content articles (editorials, weekly columns, etc)
  • Limited statistical analysis on each reviewer

f i l m   r e c o m m e n d a t i o n s


What if you found someone who matched your opinion film for film, a hundred times over? You liked it, they liked it .. you loved it, they loved it .. you hated it, they hated it. Then, imagine a film came out, and your hypothetical match said it was a "must see" film .. wouldn't you put some weight in their opinion?

While chances that someone on this site has your identical taste in films is slim to none, chances are that there are more than a few people who share very similar tastes. This site can help :

  • Statistical film by film comparison to help recommend other reviewers
  • Easily browse the site by film, or by reviewer
  • user profiles, to better understand each reviewer
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