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hey Mike

by : jeff_v [ email this article to a friend ]
I actually e-mailed you a few months ago, wondering where you were. Strange that posting un-linked articles might be the only way we can have a dialogue.

Anyway, just wanted to say that I echo your sentiments about OOFnet. I have the occasional panic attack that one day OOFnet will just disappear, and that all those words will be gone. I've input ratings on other sites (IMDb, flixster, and a couple other particular to some message boards I frequent), but no place houses all the capsules besides OOFnet. Even if most of them are half-arsed and unenlightening, I need them just so I can remember what I thought at the time! And I, too, appreciate the constancy of OOFnet --no big design changes, no serious server outages-- just the same, spare and elegant space to store some ratings and capsules. I guess a 'comments' box under the review would be nice though.

Anyway, I hope your movie-watching dry spell is not permanent. I hear you on life changes impacting the volume of films you can watch though. I think back to when I was single and lived near the city... man, all I did was watch movies when I wasn't working. And then when I got laid off, why, I watched even more. But now I'm married with kid(s), live in the suburbs, and have a demanding job. It's tough to cram Fassbinder and Apatow into that.

(BTW, has anyone ever clicked 'Personal Site Related' below? Does that mean only the author can see it? Or is the article only accessible if you click on my page?)

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