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Relative Strangers
Year : 2006
Country : United-States

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shanster  [ 1.5 ]    [ add to preferred ]    [ email this review to a friend ]

Kathy Bates, Danny DeVito, and Neve Campbell star in this pathetic loser of a movie. Ron Lingston plays an uptight businessman who finds that he's adopted, and goes on to find that his real parents are terrible people. Yawn. One point for Kathy Bates, and another .5 for a very funny charades scene.

Weighted Rating : 5.8
No. Ratings : 1
No. Reviews : 1

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Ranked by Rating
2006 336
2000's 3488
All-time 17498

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2006 201
2000's 2113
All-time 8124

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