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 Mark Kilgore: The Great Exposer of Truth? Maybe. A seeker? Definitely. A Renaissance man? No doubt.

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First and foremost:
I am an author and professional civil engineer. My 1st book is titled MEAT, a 3-part book of 116 pages. MEAT features part 1: THE MESSAGE, which is based on a 1 hour-long actual 'divine contact' experienced by the author. He told me some things. Among them, he said: "If you're alive, you're going to Heaven. If you're dead, you're going to Hell.", and: "Here is The Message. Spread it." Part 2 is THE POEMS (all mine), and Part 3 is THE EXCERPTS, featuring quotations, short stories, theories, and other. I say to YOU: Jesus Christ is King! By no other name can you be saved! Our Father in Heaven is The One True God! Please see MEAT by Mark Kilgore at MEATBOOK.NET, AMAZON.COM or any major bookstore (please ask them to order it in for a no-obligation browsing if they do not currently have it stocked). I challenge you: hold the book, see the cover and the back cover, browse the foreword. You'll be hooked! That's a good thing. Trust me! And: MEAT is a superior Christmas gift idea! Feel free to visit MEATBOOK.NET (the preliminary website). It has a link at the bottom to E-mail me with questions, comments, book reviews, etc. Have a wonderful day, and may God bless us all! Thanks for everything!!! Please E-mail to me any questions or comments. I always respond to reasonable E-mails!

About my movie ratings: The standard is that I rate what I consider to be an average movie at 5.0. In my experience, I would say that on the average, each movie I see is a 4.5. The mark of distinction, for me, is a 6.0. If I rate a movie at 6.0 or 6.5, I consider that movie HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The mark of excellence is a 7.0 If I rate a movie at 7.0 or higher, consider it a MUST SEE! Not even 2 handfuls of movies have ever crossed my 8.0 threshold. Apocalypse Now is my current favorite, since 1998. My favorite book is The Dead Zone (by Stephen King). If anybody has a movie that they recommend for me, please E-mail me. As previously stated, I respond to all reasonable E-mails. Thanks!!!

About me personally: I often prefer to be alone. I've been judged as intelligent by many, unusual by most. My passions: God, Jesus & The Truth, sports (1st football, 2nd golf), birds, Great White sharks, dinosaurs, prehistoric fish, the band Tool, the vocalist Maynard, video games, martial arts, science, math, buds, freeing up my time, pursuit of Higher goals, obsession against man's evil, cruel, selfish and dominating nature, love of natural beauty, kindness, harmony and peace. Dedication to spreading The Word that the only way to avoid eternal suffering and damnation is through acceptance of Jesus and The Holy Father, The One True God.

More about me: I'm 6'0", 190 lbs, brown hair, hazel eyes, a thin but slightly muscular look, an 'official' look (it is common for customers in any store to assume that I work there (go figure)), predisposed to appear cold & indifferent (a wolf, say some). I can jump into most pick-up football games and QB a team to victory. I've thrown a football 55 yards against the wind, and can throw 40 yards accurately. I have speed equal to most NFL quarterbacks. I have excellent hands, impressive football knowledge & theory. I would love to eventually become an O or D coordinator for a major football franchise, or a talent/personnel evaluator/engineer/salary-capist. E-mail me if you can help out. I also love golf. I'm about an 18 handicap, with a strong putt & chip game, power (I plan for my 7 iron to go 165 yards), but cannot use a driver or a 5-wood worth a crap. I typically drive with a 3-wood to about 215 yards distance (I have actually driven 310 yards once, on a level fairway). I also have never mastered complete control of my accuracy, so I usually hit about 3 fairways, 2 greens, and have 33 putts. I am world-class at some video games. For example, I'll bet I can beat anybody at: any golf game (at Sega's PGA Tour III, I have a 72-hole tournament record of -47!), any Sega brand Madden football game, Ms. Pac-Man, Super Pac-Man, Galaga, Hydrothunder, most car-racing games, particularly Daytona 500, where I once got 1st place (against the computer) consecutively at the easy, medium, then hard courses.

Still, although I may sound conceited, I am simply stating facts and providing you with unnecessarily personal information, so that anyone who is interested can visualize the whole picture that is me. Have a nice one.

 Email : kilgore31@hotmail.com

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