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 brandon\'s incoherent cinematic ramblings ..

Your Host  : brandon
Most Recent Update  : 11 / 4 / 2022
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.. welcome to my little collection of film ratings and comments ..

in regards to my reviews, i should mention that all of my comments will tends towards the form of an off-the-cuff personal response, as opposed to anything well thought out, structured, or meaningful. i see the site as a little scratch space, which allows me to clear my head after seeing a film ..

i don't really like the idea of adhering a fixed number to a film, as if it's all in all was contained in that number .. so take each numerical rating as an appetizer to the review, and in the case that there is no review, bring along your salt shaker.

just in general, films are rated according to how much i appreciated them .. i don't care how beautiful, or intelligent, or confusing, or stupid, or critically acclaimed the film is .. if i enjoyed it, i enjoyed it, and i'm giving it some degree of thumbs up.

.. as a caveat to that last statement, i should add that i prefer films with substance, films that take chances, films that believe in characters, films that aspire to be something special ..

- brandon


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coeur en hiver, Un • •  10
Drive My Car • •  8.5
Long Walk, The • •  9
Dearest Sister • •  9
Ballad of Buster Scruggs, The • •  6.5

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