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Your Host  : jimting
Most Recent Update  : 5 / 21 / 2002
Number of Ratings  : 80
Number of Reviews  : 10 ( 12 % )
Avg Rating  : 6.8
Avg No. Words per Review  : 69.9

Welcome fellow movie reviewers. I think it's important that you udnerstand the type of movie watcher I am in order to have an accurate gauge of my reviews. Like most red-blooded American males, I have the strange affinity for action movies. However, over the past decade, I've actually developed a taste for movies that allow me a deeper understanding of myself and the society we live in. I particularly enjoy social commentaries. As a result, I tend to rate movies such as Almost Famous, Shawshank Redemption, and Pleasantville higher than most action flicks. I'm also a sucker for movies that are epic in scale. This doesn't just apply to multi-episode movie franchises, but also to one-episode movies that are epic within itself. My favorite in this category would definitely be Legends of the Fall. One more side note, as an avid reader of fantasy novels, I also have a weakness for sci-fi and fantasy based movies. I hope this description provides a better understanding of my movie reviews.

 Email : eudjim@home.com

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 m o s t   r e c e n t   r e v i e w s
Spider-Man • •  8.5
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones • •  6
Mission, The • •  9
Three Kings • •  8
Cinema Paradiso • •  8

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