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Most Recent Update  : 4 / 14 / 2004
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Most films that have a warehouse or industrial type of scene are horrible films. Not all...but most...the scene is usually towards the end of the film where the good guy and bad guy meet to duel it out...

My ratings are usually higher than most because I still like films overall - great way to escape your problems. I'm just about 30 years old so I think my age plays a part in how I rate films. I'm part of generation X so "overall" my ratings would be different from the Baby Boomers...

Mike A. - you are wrong. The climax is not always at the end of a film - it can be between the middle and end of a film.


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S.W.A.T. • •  4
Open Range • •  8
Lost in Translation • •  7
Italian Job, The • •  6
Hollywood Homicide • •  6

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