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Goofs that the IMDb Has Yet To (Or Won't (?)) Publish

by : Love_Spoon [ email this article to a friend ]
I haven't had too good of luck submitting "goofs" to the IMDb (even though I get confirmation e-mails and the whole bit...), and I've been looking for a good forum to publish these, so I suppose this is the best of both worlds. Conversely, if you are having trouble getting goofs submitted to the IMDb, e-mail them to me, and I'll pop 'em on here.

In Amistad, the Africans row to shore in one rowboat, then they row back in a different boat (see the lettering on the boat).

In Death Becomes Her, at Helen's party, Madeline gives her a hug and exclaims "Twelve long years!" According to the two titled fadeouts (after Madeline and Ernest's wedding, and after Helen's therapy), each fast-forwarding seven years, that would make fourteen years, not twelve.

In Face/Off, the whole ordeal is solved by typing some blood samples, thus demonstrating who is actually who. If the two men have different blood types, however, how could they possibly survive a FACE TRANSPLANT?!?

In Forrest Gump, when he is jogging across the country, Forrest is seen wearing a red windbreaker. In alternate scenes, he is only in a T-shirt and shorts, and then in later shots, he is seen with the windbreaker. He is not carrying a backpack, and he is alone. Where did he keep the windbreaker?

In The Generalís Daughter, Officer Brenner (John Travolta) fixes his flat tire without a jack.

In Ghosts of Mississippi, Byron's rifle (with which he kills Medgar Evers) has both forward sights AND a scope. A gun would have one or the other, but not both.

In G.I. Jane, as Lieutenant O'Neil (Demi Moore) gets out of the Hum-V to report to training, she deliberately shuts the door, but it swings open again.

In Mad City, Sam (John Travolta) carries a Remington shotgun. However, the swat-team refers to the weapon as a rifle ("He has the rifle pointed right at her."). It is possible that in the dark and because of the distance, they couldn't see the difference, but Sam had fired the weapon earlier in the movie and it had shattered a window in several different spots. This would clear up any question on what type of a gun it was.

In Mad City, Cliff's (Bill Nunn) son is watching TV when the newsbreak comes over the air that Cliff had been shot, and this came as a shock to Cliff's wife. TV news will generally wait to reveal names of victims until the family has been notified.

In The Man in the Iron Mask, when Louis (Leonardo DiCaprio) is in bed with Christine (Judith Godreche), her front is alternately covered by her arm, then by her blouse.

In Mary Poppins, George Banks (David Tomlinson) rips Jane and Michael's job description three times, making 2, then 4, then 8 smaller pieces of paper. When the paper magically rises, closer to 15 or 16 pieces come out of the top of the chimney.

In Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Chablis leaves the Cotillion without her purse.

In Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, John John Cusack) tells Jim's attorney, "You remember when you told me, 'Dead men don't tell tales'?" but he never said that before then in the movie. Of course, this doesn't have to be a goof-- the movie viewer is not around John 24 hours a day (and I did slip out of the movie for about 5 minutes to use the restroom-- it could have happened then....)

In Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the Knights who say Ni describe the word that they cannot bear to hear-- the word "it." However, the word is said several times within the dialogue.

In The Mummy, the Mummy assimilates his eyes from one of the guides who is nearsighted. However, the Mummy can see just fine with those same nearsighted eyes.

In Never Been Kissed, at the calculus fair, Pi is reported as 3.1427Ö. Any calculus student can tell you that Pi = 3.14159Ö.

In Never Been Kissed, Josie (Drew Barrymore) gets her hand stamped at the reggae club. After falling asleep with her stamped hand on her forehead. The inked print that transfers to her forehead reads correctly. If this had actually happened, the print would be mirror-imaged.

In The Right Stuff, when John Glenn (Ed Harris) is in orbit, he reports seeing a full moon that isnít actually full (to our view).

In Rushmore, in the elevator, Herman (Bill Murray) is smoking two cigarettes. When he exits, he is only holding one.

In The Saint, the investigator (Alun Armstrong) shows Emma (Elisabeth Shue) a picture of Simon (Val Kilmer) with the geeky reporter disguise, and at the end of the movie, Simon in that same disguise sits right by the investigator but goes unnoticed.

In Shawshank Redemption, when Andy (Tim Robbins) breaks out and drops down to the sewer pipe, he is wearing his old boots, but he had previously traded his boots, for the wardenís shiny black wingtips. If his boots were in the shoebox in the wardenís office, he couldnít be wearing them to escape (unless he had 2 pair of boots-- hardly likely for a prisoner).

In Wag the Dog, while the gang is in the Spanish restaurant with Mr. Young (Bill Macy), the news on TV shows Senator Neal (Craig T. Nelson). The Spanish word "senador" in the caption is spelled with an accent over the E. There is no accent in the word.

In Wag the Dog, when they are looking at the TV news in the Spanish Restaurant, there are a few seconds where the words that the reporter is saying don't match up with the words we hear.

In When Harry Met Sally, the Christmas tree that Sally (Meg Ryan) purchases is not the same tree that she drags through the door. The distance from the bottom of the trunk to the bottom branch is different on the two trees.

In The Whole Nine Yards, in the scene in Nicholas' hotel room, Cynthia's blouse is in a near-perfect V, then in the next scene it seems to be pulled to the right, then in the next scene it's in the near-perfect V again.

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