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 The Love Spoon Film Page

Your Host  : Love_Spoon
Most Recent Update  : 3 / 15 / 2003
Number of Ratings  : 1385
Number of Reviews  : 1109 ( 80 % )
Avg Rating  : 6.6
Avg No. Words per Review  : 107.1

OOFnet Featured Reviewer for January 2002 

Thank you for visiting. I adore cinema and hope that some of what I post might be fun and interesting to those that read.

The list of films that appears here represents ALL of the films that I remember seeing throughout my whole life. In other words, if I remember watching it, it's on here.

I will normally include a movie in my archive if it meets at least three (3) (or in rare exceptions, two) of the four following criteria:

1. If it appears to be a substantial work of cinema
2. If it appears on the IMDb
3. If it is/was shown on a "Big Screen"
4. If it is/was available for purchase on video or DVD

My latest bit of news: Members of the church that I belong to have been asked not to watch R-rated films, so I'm taking the counsel to heart. The last one I saw was Memento back in late 2001. However, since "the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak," an R-rated film may appear on my archive from time to time. Please don't think me too much of a hypocrite. (Wink.)

Notwithstanding, I love to discuss basically anything about the movies, and pride myself on intelligent, thoughtful, and prompt correspondence. If you want to debate the merits of a certain film or actor, or if you want to announce that you agree with me about something, drop me an e-mail.

 Email : ultraflorist@yahoo.com

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Recruit, The • •  6.5
Tuck Everlasting • •  6.5
R.M., The • •  7.5
Return of the King, The • •  6
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days • •  4

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