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Family Relationships in Cinema

by : Love_Spoon [ email this article to a friend ]
One family often has more than one person at a time in the film industry. I thought this was at least somewhat interesting, and so I thought I'd actually list them in black & white (or white & black, I suppose, with this list). I realize that there are probably many that I'm missing, and for those, I call upon the public to help me with the rest (send me an e-mail at ultraflorist@yahoo.com). This list does not include husband/wife (or partner/partner) relationships (that's a different list...). Here's what I can think of:

Ben Affleck/Casey Affleck: Siblings
*David/Patricia/Roseanna... Arquette: Siblings
Alec Baldwin/Daniel Baldwin/Stephen Baldwin/William Baldwin: Siblings
Drew Barrymore/John Barrymore: Granddaughter/Grandfather
Warren Beatty/Shirley Maclaine: Siblings
Ed Begley/Ed Begley Jr.: Father/Son
Jim Belushi/John Belushi: Siblings
Ingrid Bergman/Isabella Rossellini: Mother/Daughter
Beau Bridges/Jeff Bridges: Siblings
Beau Bridges/Lloyd Bridges: Father/Son
Jeff Bridges/Lloyd Bridges: Father/Son
Keith Carradine/Martha Plimpton: Father/Daughter
Keith Carradine/Robert Carradine: Siblings
Keith/Robert Carradine/David Carradine: Half-Siblings
David/Keith/Robert Carradine/John Carradine: Sons/Father
*Lon Chaney/Lon Chaney Jr.: Father/Son
Francis Ford Coppola/Nicolas Cage: Uncle/Nephew
Francis Ford Coppola/Sofia Coppola: Father/Daughter
Francis Ford Coppola/Jason Schwartzman: Uncle/Nephew
Francis Ford Coppola/Talia Shire: Siblings
Jamie Lee Curtis/Tony Curtis: Daughter/Father
Jamie Lee Curtis/Janet Leigh: Daughter/Mother
Tim Daly/Tyne Daly: Siblings
Blythe Danner/Gwyneth Paltrow: Mother/Daughter
Bruce Dern/Laura Dern: Father/Daughter
Laura Dern/Diane Ladd: Daugther/Mother
*Kirk Douglas/Michael Douglas: Father/Son
Emilio Estevez/Charlie Sheen: Siblings
Emilio Estevez/Martin Sheen: Son/Father
Carrie Fisher/Debbie Reynolds: Daughter/Mother
Briget Fonda/Peter Fonda: Daughter/Father
Henry Fonda/Jane Fonda: Father/Daughter
Henry Fonda/Peter Fonda: Father/Son
Jane Fonda/Peter Fonda: Siblings
Judy Garland/Liza Minelli: Mother/Daughter
Melanie Griffith/Tippi Hedren: Mother/Daughter
Goldie Hawn/Kate Hudson: Mother/Daughter
Ron Howard/Clint Howard: Siblings
Angelina Jolie/Jon Voight: Daughter/Father
Bruce Paltrow/Gwyneth Paltrow: Father/Daughter
*Dennis Quaid/Randy Quaid: Siblings
Lynn Redgrave/Vanessa Redgrave: Siblings
Ridley Scott/Tony Scott: Siblings
Charlie Sheen/Martin Sheen: Son/Father
Sissy Spacek/Rip Torn: Cousins
Donald Sutherland/Keifer Sutherland: Father/Son
Dick Van Patten/Joyce Van Patten: Siblings
Damon/Keenen/Marlon... Wayans: Siblings
Luke Wilson/Owen Wilson: Siblings

* = Submitted by DokBrowne

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