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The Search for the Next James Bond

by : Love_Spoon [ email this article to a friend ]
Thanks to a recent TNN James Bond marathon, I've now seen each of the James Bond feature films except the new "Die Another Day." While watching, a particular question has been recurring in my mind (largely since Pierce Brosnan, our fifth Bond, will be turning 51 this summer). The question (as the title of this article suggests) is this: Who will be the next James Bond?

Now there are a few standard criteria in which Bond actors usually qualify.

A. Although no two of the Bond actors have been from the same country, they're usually from the United Kingdom (Connery-Scotland, Moore-England, Dalton-Wales, Brosnan-Ireland). The exception is George Lazenby (On Her Majesty's Secret Service) who was from Australia.

B. They're usually tall, dark, slender, and handsome.

C. They usually have a distinct aura of class and seriousness, while retaining the ability to throw out a token James Bond off-the-cuff joke.

D. Nothing about "Casino Royale" lends to any standard whatsoever. : )

Age of the actor is not necessarily a factor, since the range has been from 30 years (Lazenby in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service") to 58 years (Moore in "A View to a Kill"). The average age of the Bond actors at the release of the films is 44 years.

With all of the above factors in mind, I thought I'd open it up to the public vote. Who would you most like to see as the next James Bond?

The nominees, in alphabetical order, are:

1. Christian Bale (born 1974 in England)
2. Daniel Day-Lewis (born 1957 in England)
3. Joseph Feinnes (born 1970 in England)
4. Hugh Grant (born 1960 in England)
5. Jude Law (born 1972 in England)
6. Heath Ledger (born 1979 in Australia)
7. Ewan McGregor (born 1971 in Scotland)
8. Guy Pearce (born 1967 in England)
9. Your Write-In Vote Here...

Mail your votes to ultraflorist@yahoo.com

Votes so far:

Daniel Day-Lewis: 2
Christian Bale: 1
Joseph Feinnes 1
Adrian Paul (Write-In) 1

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