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Year : 1998
Country : United-States

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vincebowen  [ 10.0 ]    [ add to preferred ]    [ email this review to a friend ]

my favorite film of the 90's

shanster  [ 8.5 ]    [ add to preferred ]    [ email this review to a friend ]

Excellent. Most everything positive has already been said...clever, tongue-in-cheek, quirky, and insightful. Wes Anderson wrote and directed both this and the Royal Tennenbaums. He obviously has a tendency toward the freakish, dysfunctional, and sociopathic. Rushmore was so much better because it didn't alienate you; I really liked (or at least felt sympathy for) the kid as well as the other players. In RT, I didn't enjoy or like any of the characters.

Dancing_P  [ 9.0 ]    [ add to preferred ]    [ email this review to a friend ]

Wes Anderson scores again with this strange, undeniably original film. Max Fischer (Jason Schwartzman) is an underachieving student with a passion forÖ everything that isnít school; he even wrote a play based on Serpico! Max is a member (and often the founder) of dozens of clubs at his private school, Rushmore. He meets Miss Cross (Olivia Williams), a first grade teacher whom he falls madly in love with. Things arenít meant to be, however, and things get awry when Fischerís multimillionaire friend Herman Blume (Bill Murray) also falls in love with her. Forget everything you think this movie could ever do; it takes a relatively simple, mundane plot and spins a wickedly funny, intelligent film. Many critics had trouble liking the film because Maxís character is so unlikeable: thatís the point! The character is so brilliantly pathetic that scenes that may have been dramatic in other films take on a darker, funnier side. Anderson brings his usual, almost deadpan humour to life, supported by some truly great performances. Schwartzman (in his debut) is very funny, and Murray is sensational as Blume. The film is a little too close to the Graduate at times, but the brilliance of the screenplay far, far outweighs the bad here.

chapter11  [ 10.0 ]    [ add to preferred ]    [ email this review to a friend ]

Wes Anderson's witty, touching, and vaguely disturbing romantic comedy "Rushmore" may be the best movie of its kind to come out of the 1990s. Jason Schwartzman's Max Fischer, like Adam Sandler's Barry Egan in that OTHER unconventional romance film "Punch-Drunk Love," is such a brilliantly complex character that we're not sure whether we should laugh at him or cry for him. He and Mr. Bloom (a wonderfully subdued Bill Murray, in what may be his best performance) have both fallen for a comely grade-school teacher (Olivia Williams). Director Wes Anderson's distintive stylistic stamp makes this movie a clearly unconventional picture, yet one a little bit easier to swallow than his second picture, the ensemble dramedy "The Royal Tenenbaums."

brandon  [ 9.0 ]    [ add to preferred ]    [ email this review to a friend ]

a very touching, inspring and hilariously entertaining film about an idealistic, underachieving prep student, a cynical self-hating millionaire .. and their star-crossed search for the secret to happiness ..

doug  [ 9.5 ]    [ add to preferred ]    [ email this review to a friend ]

One of the few movies that I actually like all the characters in it. It's got a smart and funny script. Definitely worth watching

babyduck  [ 9.0 ]    [ add to preferred ]    [ email this review to a friend ]

Jason Schwartzman steals the movie in this great comedy with costars Bill Murray and Olivia Williams (The Sixth Sense). High points to Wes Anderson for an incredibly original film that showcases a high school crush taken to extremes.

madcow  [ 9.0 ]    [ add to preferred ]    [ email this review to a friend ]

fun story and an extremely uplifting one for me...

traino  [ 5.5 ]    [ add to preferred ]    [ email this review to a friend ]

ok - not great - not terrible - more towards terrible though - not recommended...

ccho  [ 8.5 ]    [ add to preferred ]    [ email this review to a friend ]

Original and really funny with a twist of drama.

astrosheil  [ 4.0 ]    [ add to preferred ]    [ email this review to a friend ]

I really disliked this movie and all the characters in it. If it weren't a video, I would have walked out.

jeff_v  [ 10.0 ]    [ add to preferred ]    [ email this review to a friend ]

Rushmore's qualities are ineffable to me. I don't know that I could explain what's so "great" about it other than to sit down with you and watch it
and every so often look over and go "wasn't that great?" Rushmore is a masterpiece of tone -- it finds the perfect pitch that pleases me in a
different way than other movies. It's a mixture of bittersweetness, whimsy, optimism, and hard-won wisdom. I'm a sucker for a good
coming-of-age film, and Rushmore, as I like to say, is the movie I would make if I were making films. Wes Anderson's choice of music enhances
the film immeasurably, evoking the emotions that accompany Max's journey. I love its widescreen mis-en-scene. The movie has a beauty in its
compositions which are often comic and contemplative. Lastly, any movie that makes me laugh and cry every time I see it gets some

Stitch  [ 9.0 ]    [ add to preferred ]    [ email this review to a friend ]

Very dry, very witty. Did I mention it was dry humor? But oh so funny.

Emmitt  [ 6.0 ]    [ add to preferred ]    [ email this review to a friend ]

Its original but tries to damn hard to be funny, or maybe i didnt agree with the premise.

Love_Spoon  [ 8.0 ]    [ add to preferred ]    [ email this review to a friend ]

After seeing this film twice, I came to the conclusion that whether you like this film or not depends a great deal on your personality. People who like original, non-formulaic films (like "The Usual Suspects" or "The Graduate") will more than likely enjoy this film, while those who like films wrapped up in neat packages and completely re- (or dis-) solved by film's end may not. Neither personality is better, just different. I am of the former, and I thoroughly enjoyed the film. It kept my attention, which is more than I can say for the majority of the normal "summer blockbuster" genre films.

One really funny line: "So you're a neurosurgeon?" The barber says, "No, I'm a barber, but a lot of people make that mistake."

Go see it. Now that it's out of theaters and on video, the whole group can see it for a few dollars. If you don't like it, don't sweat it, but don't criticize the film because you don't "get" it.

Well up there on my personal top 100. A solid 8.

nannerb   8.0  ]
youngg8578   8.5  ]
pianoshootis   8.0  ]
swblack   9.0  ]
scottwblack   9.0  ]
brian   8.0  ]
Corto   9.5  ]
EmperorJones   6.0  ]
Verbal   8.5  ]
DokBrowne   9.5  ]
raldacus   9.5  ]
crreig   9.5  ]

Weighted Rating : 8.2
No. Ratings : 27
No. Reviews : 15

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